The genealogy of the earliest creation is recorded through language. Kumulipo is philosophy from the perspective of Hawaiians; it is the coming together of earth’s life. When human cultures and even scientists describe the process of Kumulipo, the consistent human truth is that our bodies are bound by the biology of the earth’s atmosphere. 

Papahānaumoku  , 2017, 40"x 66", oil on canvas

Papahānaumoku, 2017, 40"x 66", oil on canvas

Papahānaumoku the earth goddess is the mother of our Hawaiian archipelago. This resource she gave is the biology by which we as people of Hawaii are bound. The mythology and philosophy that is behind this cultural belief teaches that; with no care for the health of the earth’s atmosphere, there is no care for the health of our bodies; no care for the health of children, or for the elderly who worked their whole lives for a better future. 

The government for their stake in modernization restricts people from their language that records their belief systems and cuts the people off from sustainable farming practices that would feed huge populations. The power of American capitalism is observed internally and externally over fair access -for all- to natural resources and communal, sustainable ways of living.

The future is now, and then. This perspective of time comes from the eternal system of belief in the genealogical connections the people of Hawaii have with their ‘aina. What is to be expected 1,000 years in the future comes from what is happening now, and what our ancestors did to survive in the past. The logic of this statement is pa’a as the concrete below my feet.


The annual Juried Exhibition at the Honolulu Academy of Arts School was curated by the artists collective: Paradise Cove. Paradise Cove asked artists to project their ideas and mediums one thousand years into the future of Hawaii's geography, history, culture. Picture, the globalized and exploited nature of today's Hawaiian history, and then macro enhanced by another thousand years of society's impact on the Hawaiian island chain; draining, demolishing, developing, reproducing, polluting. The ability for societies to plan for the future is a issue that many governments of the world are struggling with currently. Papahānaumoku is an important painting that expresses the relationships between biology, the earth's atmosphere, exhaustion of elemental resources, and human extinction. The Polynesians that first navigated the Pacific brought with them cultural influences, plants, animals, and a knowledge for the responsible usage of resources in special geological places. Knowledge of natural resource management, and a preparedness for future populations in the pacific relies on the people of this current generation taking responsibility for the environment now, or hand over the future to the unknown.