Pua iwi , 2013, charcoal, conte, pencil, on paper, 25"x33'

Pua iwi, 2013, charcoal, conte, pencil, on paper, 25"x33'

nanealumpaintings.com is an online gallery and artist blog. This website is the conduit of information that sources Nanea Lum's paintings, her Hawaiian cultural research, and studio practices. Her blog informs her current projects, and public discussion of contemporary Hawaiian art production, and processing. 

Blog discussions on nanealumpaintings.com shares research by Nanea Lum. Her studio practice is documented here along with citations of written sources, exhibits and contemporary discussions with artists, curators, and cultural specialists. Public forum is one of the goals of this blog that encourages stronger community bonds between Hawai'i's artists, environmentalists, cultural practitioners, and multinational society at large. Blog posts evolve the continuity of Nanea Lum's paintings by impacting the online global community to strengthen their relationship with Hawaiian art. 

The paintings exhibited in the Online Gallery are Nanea Lum's original works. She exercises her specialization in painting to provide for viewers,  experiential portals into the consciousness of the earth. Aloha 'Aina is a strong theme of her art making process which reclaims and heals Hawaiian land through imagination, creation, and intimacy.  

Nanea Lum's paintings are made in Hawaii and can be viewed via appointment with the artist, see the Contact section of this website to privately learn more about the artist and current projects. 


Photo: Nanea Lum